How to assess Company Fit?

Gepubliceerd op 24-06-2021

How to assess potential future employees with your companies drivers & values? In this white paper we share our knowledge and insights on the topic of Company Fit and how to assess Company Fit in recruitment as an essential ingredient of hiring success.

Company Culture matters and it is becoming more relevant in job orientation and talent acquisition. There are different ways to describe soft skill matching, like: Company Fit. But there are more ways to describe the process of soft skill matching: Culture Addition, Culture Fit, Person – Organisation Fit (PO-fit).

Gain insights on the latest recruitment trends on Remote Talent Attraction, defining Company Fit and predicting Hiring Success. Download the white paper and get a better understanding of Company Fit and how to assess Company Fit in recruitment.

What to expect? Are you looking for answers to include the topic of company culture into your hiring strategy? Are you looking for ideas to optimize your remote talent engagement strategy, improve the quality of hire and save on your cost per hire? Please find below the key take aways after reading the white paper: Company Fit in recruitment.

A. What candidates want?

  • Are you ready for a new era of employer and job orientation?
  • What are the needs from future working generations: Gen Y & Gen Z
  • Why do candidates want to engage with your company culture before they decide to apply?

B. Challenges recruiters face

  • Why Remote Talent Acquisition is here to stay
  • Your Company Culture as a Unique Selling Point
  • How tangible is your Employer Brand?
  • Unlocking your unique employer DNA and company values
  • Drive diversity and prevent hiring bias
  • Future proof hiring, technology brings us together

C. Better matching = better hiring

  • Pre-hire qualification: Job Fit and Company Fit
  • How to assess Company Fit?
  • How to get started with Value Driven recruitment?
  • How Company Fit is helping you in making better hiring decisions
  • Save on you recruitment costs as of today

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