Quality of Hire – From Job Fit to Company Fit

Published on 24-09-2019

We are proud to present our new white paper: Quality of Hire – From Job Fit to Company Fit! In this paper, we discuss one of the most important and mysterious recruitment metrics in the field: Quality of Hire. Organisations who want to make their hiring process as effective as possible just can’t get around this metric.

If you are interested in knowing more about Quality of Hire and how you can improve it in just 3 practical steps, download our white paper now!

Imagine, your organisation needs to hire a lot of people in a short span of time. Naturally, you only want the best: someone who has the right job skills (and preferably more), who will be engaged, is highly productive, performs great, etc. So you start the hiring process and receive a lot of applications. Next, you need to take some time to sort through them all and find candidates that have the right knowledge, skills and abilities.

Then it’s time for several interviews, maybe even multiple sessions per candidate. These take a lot of planning and effort on both sides. With some of them, you already know within a couple of minutes that the candidate won’t be a good fit for the company. But, after a while, you strike gold and successfully hire your brand new employee!

Only for them to leave after a couple of months.

This employee is now considered a ‘bad hire’, something that will reflect on the overall hiring quality of your organisation.

So, how can you prevent situations like these happening and how do you improve your Quality of Hire?

You can find the answers to these and more questions in our white paper. Fill out your details and download the paper now!

Header photo by h heyerlein.

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