Merry Recruiting – Why December is a great month for winning new talents

Published on 30-11-2018

Oh, December. The month of funny Christmas parties and fresh baked cookies in the office. Most of our thoughts are occupied with what presents to get, how to decorate our flats and what to cook for Christmas eve. However, we think that this final month presents you with great opportunities to win high caliber talents. So, let’s dive into our tips on how to make December you winning-month. Merry recruiting!

December is perceived as one of the slowest months of the year for recruiting. However, we think this final month is a great opportunity for your company to recruit new talents and gain a competitive advantage for the new year. Here are our top reasons why and how you should use December to get a head start into 2019.

1. December has less competition

After a busy 2018, many of your competitors will be looking forward to the end of the year with delight. They won’t be thinking about recruitment as a priority. This leaves you with first pick of top talents! Furthermore, as fewer people apply to new positions in December, you will have the opportunity to schedule important calls with top talent while they have greater flexibility to talk. Inviting the best candidates to interviews in this last month will give you a key competitive advantage. It might even prevent candidates to even consider your competition in the New Year. If that doesn’t sound like Christmas come early, we don’t know what does!

2. December has one of the highest Social Media engagement

Contacting friends, shopping online, sharing pictures – December is a peak month on Social Media! You can use those heightened levels of activity to your advantage. Promote your employer brand and current open positions across different platforms. And although there are many consumer shopping campaigns running during this period, recruiting ads are a commercial sweet spot. So, use the seasonality to turbo charge your recruitment process!

3. December is the time of New Years resolution

Is this job the perfect fit for me? December is the month were employees start analyzing their current job situation and make decisions about what they want to change/improve. Followed by the New Year, when we see the largest spike in job changes. That’s why, you should prepare yourself for this inevitable feeling of change in candidates minds and start marketing to them well before January arrives.

4. December is the top ‘easy-excuse month’ for candidates

December is the easiest month to find an acceptable excuse to leave the office earlier. Simply because employers are used to employees leaving the office for a few hours to shop for presents, run errands, and attend to Christmas parties. It is therefore rather easy for candidates to make an excuse to get out of the office for a formal interview.

5. December is ideal for employer brand building

The Christmas season is a great opportunity to build and strengthen your employer brand. Show community involvement, offer special peaks to your employees to show them you care, launch Christmas campaigns on Social Media and so on and so on. December offers so much potential to upgrade employer brand image and communicate your corporate culture.


How to attract talents during December

Let’s have a look at some key techniques to use during the upcoming month to attract and retain top talent:

1. Take advantage of the increased Social Media activity

Promoting your employer brand online and leveraging your current employees for referrals has great potential during the holiday season. You can, for example, use your employees as corporate influencers: encourage them to send holiday greetings to top prospects and to use the easy communications during the season to further strengthen recruiting relationships. After all, your employees are your greatest recruiting asset!

2. Source pro-actively for your immediate recruitment needs

Don’t wait for 2019 to come around to reflect upon current team constellations. Now is the time to spot possible gaps and evaluate upon key business goals. After all, the highest caliber talent may well be gone if you wait until the New Year.

3. The world of recruitment doesn’t stop in December

Although it might seem like the world spins a little slower during the holiday season, the online world never sleeps. So use this time effectively and – more importantly – don’t get caught out and start 2019 on the back foot.

So, let’s get into the recruitment spirit and start using this month to our advantage!

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