Introducing Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Ltd. : A New Addition to the CompanyMatch Family

Published on 30-10-2023

We are thrilled to welcome Prudential Vietnam to the CompanyMatch family! The recent integration of our matching technology has allowed them to revolutionize their recruitment process by focusing on PO (Person-Organization) Fit. By doing so Prudential Vietnam has truly embraced the power of connecting jobseekers with a company that aligns with their values and goals.

Jobseekers are now able to match themselves with the company culture of Prudential and their future colleagues. 

In the past months we have worked closely with the Prudential HR and Talent acquisition team identifying their company culture and subcultures across different functional areas, involving a large group of employees.

Tim Herlan (CompanyMatch)

Prudential has launched an extensive Linkedin and social media campaign inviting talent to match with their Employer Brand and company values. 

This is the first tool to be applied in Vietnam to enhance the candidate experience when applying to Prudential and strengthen our position as a leading employer in Vietnam. CompanyMatch is an interactive survey designed to help candidates measure their culture fit with Prudential. This will help candidates better understand the company, our values, and making the right decision when applying.

A Social Media Campaign to Amplify Engagement

Prudential Vietnam’s social media campaign is built to inform job seekers about the Matching feature and to attract candidates through targeted posts. The campaign showcases the power of our matching technology and how it allows jobseekers to find their perfect fit within their organization.

Through engaging and carefully curated posts, Prudential Vietnam has captivated their target audience on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. By leveraging the full potential of ‘Engage Now’, Prudential has created an Employer Branding campaign, appealing to candidates looking for a fit with their career goals and expectations.

The campaign’s goal is to increase awareness about Company Match’s unique feature that simplifies careers thinking, promotes wellness and finds personal and company matches. The social media campaign greatly enhances the employer brand and provides a better understanding of how Prudential operates from a cultural standpoint.

Seamlessly Integrating CompanyMatch on their Website

Furthermore, integrating CompanyMatch in Prudential Vietnam’s careersite has made it possible for the company to continuously attract candidates by simplifying the recruitment process. The integration of CompanyMatch’s matching technology leads to candidates taking an active interest in working for Prudential and helps to attract passive candidates. Our solution supports the recruitment process by allowing employers to be more efficient at identifying top talent.

By using QR codes generated from the ‘Engage Now’ feature, they have simplified the integration process without the need for complicated IT infrastructure. These QR codes enable jobseekers to instantly access and explore the corporate culture, enhancing their overall understanding of Prudential Vietnam as a potential employer. 

This seamless integration of CompanyMatch on their website showcases their dedication to providing a user-friendly and streamlined experience for both candidates and hiring teams. The matches that are generated from the careersite and Engage Now feature, instantly get candidate matches, which means more accurate recruitment and higher employee retention.


In conclusion, we are excited to share Prudential Vietnam’s journey as they leverage CompanyMatch to transform their recruitment strategy and find the perfect match for their company culture. The company’s unique job seeker experience applied to the company culture is a first for Vietnam. It shows the willingness of Prudential to change the way of thinking about recruitment which translates to their commitment to culture fit.

We’re looking forward to seeking more success stories from Prudential Vietnam on how they leverage CompanyMatch to optimise their recruitment and hiring processes while supporting employees in their search for the right fit!

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